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09 Sep : 03:26
Hi! Somebody interested in Avon? Contact me on avonpz@yahoo.c om

12 Feb : 15:29
yes please

20 Jan : 17:05
http:// /watch? v=v5PFVWIHmQI& feature=channe l_page

17 Nov : 07:56
pou nai ta xronia, orea xronia..!

17 Nov : 07:56

21 Jul : 05:56

25 Jun : 12:20
hello europe !! :

06 May : 05:49
23 je popse je meta ka8isi

03 May : 17:29

29 Apr : 00:47
Happy bday to mee! lol

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#Larnaca History
#Larnaca History


 SS^^/yo^^ and ghost have been online since late 1995. Thanks to Guru and MX3, who passed his Internet wisdom which he acquired studying & working with computers, SS^^ & ghost were initiated to the net when in Cyprus no one offered access.

That is, long before Logosnet , Cytanet, Spidernet, Cylink were created. Once I had to pay a huge telephone bill, which came after dialing to the States to connect to a BBS, which offered Internet access.

This of course, because here in Cyprus both the state and the private commercial sector were sleeping in their lethargic tempo, as usual. Not a hint of contact with technological developments around the world. Not a clue about the Internet booming everywhere. But isn't this the case with everything here? Short sighted vultures looking for a 100 % payoff. PAHYDERMA ME PAROPIDES.

Then, after Logos had to go through legal procedures in order to be allowed to offer this service, people started getting online surfing the Net. Cyta was trying to stop Logos from offering that service but in the end as the market still had only one competitor; they started offering this service themselves.
Within few months the rest of the Internet providers took shape and started business. Then we got the discovery of the Undernet where it all takes place. At first, most of the channel users/creators used to hang around #Cyprus.

Everyone can see that #Cyprus is not a chat channel (even back in 1996 ) but a crowded pit where everyone felt they had no voice. (Not that we cared, to be honest).
There was a number of people going there though, living in Larnaca, so that's how #Larnaca channel started.

Soultaker/Blue^Aura , Roadster, MaXiN, Dolphin, Deaf^/Mad^Greek, SMS and a few others that just don't come to my mind now, were the among the first to hang around #larnaca.
Lemoni was there a lot too, b4 going to the States along with St0ck/Emetos. Then the channel was registered by 'SS^^.

Everyone into his/her own Cyber Trip then, testing and discovering the vastness of information on the Net and the possibility of interacting with people from all over the globe, getting to know each other, exchanging ideas and trying to bridge the cultural and geographical distance.

The collective subconscious of the net demands that ' Information should be free to everyone ', after all. That group of people experimented with IRC scripting and Web authoring, some became internet cafe owners, some published their music online, everyone shared free warez , fought cyber wars with 'opponents' ........the lot ! U know.... A group spirited Netfreak clan, had its refuge on the Undernet.

Then, today we got this mess with so many ' nianiara ' begging for access.
Anyway the net is vast ...there is free space for everyone to do his/her own thing.

Peace , Love & Unity