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09 Sep : 03:26
Hi! Somebody interested in Avon? Contact me on avonpz@yahoo.c om

12 Feb : 15:29
yes please

20 Jan : 17:05
http:// /watch? v=v5PFVWIHmQI& feature=channe l_page

17 Nov : 07:56
pou nai ta xronia, orea xronia..!

17 Nov : 07:56

21 Jul : 05:56

25 Jun : 12:20
hello europe !! :

06 May : 05:49
23 je popse je meta ka8isi

03 May : 17:29

29 Apr : 00:47
Happy bday to mee! lol

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#Larnaca Rules
#Larnaca Rules
The Following Will Get You Banned In #Larnaca & #Larnaka

- Part Join Flood -
If you part and join in the channel many times in a few seconds you get kicked.

- No Warez Channel -
Advertise stuff that you have downloaded and offer to sell or send to andybody in the channel.

- Notice Channel -
Notice the channel several times

- Ctcp Flood -
Is a flood by a pingation through

- Client-To-Client-Protocol -
that means someone ping you more than you can reply

- Media Advertisment -
Advertisment of music or videos is against #larnaca and #larnaka rulez

- Badnick -
When a user is banned with the reason 'badnick', means than his nick is in the Lamescript's badnick list or it contains one of the phrases or semi-words in the badnick list in it. e.g. A user's nick may be 'fuck' or may contain the word fuck, like 'fuck^u'. If the word fuck is in the Lamescript's badnick list, then the user is banned with the reason 'Badnick'.

- Swearing -
This reason is active when the user says something 'bad' (= swears) in the main channel. There is also a Lamescript list that contains the certain phrases or words that are supposed as swearing. This list contains greek and english swearing.

- Lame script -
Various users often use certain scripts made by other users that are sometimes forbidden in the channel. The cases that those scripts are not allowed is when the user auto-replies the !seen or the !ping services in the channel or has other auto-messages that are seen in the main channel. e.g. The classic 'Thanks for the voice in '. In that cases, if the users don't disable their script of their own in time, the operators ban them with the reason 'Lame script' that contains the /remote off command, so that they can disable their script.

- Text flood -
The 'Text flood' reason is used when a user says or pastes something repeatedly in the channel. That could be the same or different words or phrases. The reason is active when the user acts like above.

- Repeating -
This ban reason is used when the user repeatingly says the same words or phrases at the same time. If so, the user is again banned with the reason 'Repeating'.

- Flood -
Flood may happen when you part and join the channel and you cause flood.When you receive or sent toooooooooo much data to an irc server or to a user you are flooding. But irc servers don't like flooding and if they detect data flood to/from a user they just disconnect him.This means that if you manage to make the irc server detect that a user is receiving too much data you will have the user disconnected

- Lame User -
A lame user gets ban/kicked from the channel when he does or asks something lame. An example is if I give someone a warning about using CAPS and an other user comes and uses Caps then he gets kicked with the reason Lame User

- Advertising -
Advertising in #Larnaca is not allowed. An example is urls , a party which will take place somewhere or mp3/video stats

- No Sex Channel -
The reason talks on its self. An example is when you ask something that has something to do with sex.

- No Sales Channel -
If you have something for sale #Larnaca isn?t the right channel for you. It might be a mobile, a motor bike or anything else do not advertise it in #Larnaca

- On Join Action -
This ban takes place when a user sends an advertise or invites you to join a channel

- Virus Sender -
With this reason we ban users in order to help them with some instructions and to avoid having any other users infected. We suggest to any virus sender to join #dmsetup or #help-gr for more scientific help. Also users can msg us for further help.

- Inviting -
Well.. inviting is like coming to your house and invite all your guest to come to mine! Thats why ban inviters.. we don't want anyone to come to our place and invites our users to his place

- Nick Flood -
Happens when a user changes his/her nickname many times in a few minutes or seconds with the result the channel to be flooded with too many nick changes